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About Us


In fact, mistakes related to medical stop loss placements are one of the most common causes of Errors & Omission claims against leading benefits consulting firms. Many of their consultants simply don't know the coverage.


In response, some firms have developed stop loss 'purchasing pools' run by a few specific consultants - however, not for the stated benefit of reducing their client's premiums, but instead to manage their own firm's exposure to E & O claims. At Aegis Risk, stop loss is a dedicated expertise, not a loss control initiative.


An Independent Consultative Approach


Aegis Risk was founded in 2005 by Ryan Siemers, a health and welfare benefits professional with over 30 years experience in health plan underwriting and benefits consulting. Together with other members of the Aegis Risk team, he continues to leverage firm expertise for Aegis Risk clients and partners.

Aegis - the protective shield of Athena - goddess of war and wisdom


Aegis Risk was created to provide dedicated and knowledgeable focus on the aspects of an employee benefit program with a distinct orientation towards risk management - particularly medical stop loss. 


While your existing benefits consultant or broker interacts with such coverage on an infrequent basis - at Aegis Risk, it's our focus.


Ryan Siemers, CEBS


Ph: 703.778.6520




As the founder of Aegis Risk, Ryan is a nationally recognized expert on self-funding and catastrophic claimant risk management. He leads firm strategy and is responsible for overall client, partner and carrier relationships. He authors the annual Aegis Risk Medical Stop Loss Premium Survey.


Formerly a large firm health and welfare strategy consultant, he advised organizations including Marriott International, Bank of America and U.S. Foodservice. However, his practice still included many "mid-sized" employers with medical stop loss - a coverage most of his large consultant peers did not understand or advise. Seeking an opportunity to start his own firm in 2005, he elected to focus on medical stop loss. In the words of his national practice leader upon sharing his resignation "Stop loss - that's a good one. We don't like that stuff."

Ryan proudly holds the Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS) designation and is the current Vice President of the 3,200 member International Society of CEBS. An avid skier, he is a volunteer member of the National Ski Patrol.


Sue Andres

Client Support Specialist


Sue provides day-to-day assistance with project data, vendor issues and ongoing client support.


She monitors monthly stop loss claims reporting and the timely reimbursement of outstanding claims from our carrier partners.

Our plan year services are typically compensated via fully disclosed plan commissions or mutually agreed upon fees-for-service.


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