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About Us - Client Experiences

With a dedicated focus on medical stop loss and related strategies, Aegis Risk has a deep pool of experience to leverage for its clients - who cover a wide variety of industries with varied coverage concerns.

Our stop loss renewal is high. Are there less costly alternatives?

A health care provider with approximately 3,200 employees.


  • The incumbent stop loss coverage is provided by the health plan and the renewal is over 50%. Their rates are final.


  • Recent stop loss claims experience didn't justify the requested rate level.


  • Further health plan cost reductions were needed, but not at the expense of plan participants.


  • Obtained market preferential proposals from four leading, 'A' rated independent carriers.


  • The selected carrier provided a reduction of $600,000 from the incumbent's renewal premium of approximately $1 million - a 60% reduction.


  • The significant cost reduction - from the stop loss savings - allowed participant contributions to remain flat for the following year.

Our claims are strong – but our stop loss doesn't reflect. Are there writers who will?


A leading automotive supplier with approximately 7,000 employees.



  • Legacy businesses caused significant claims expense, but divestitures and acquisitions changed that exposure.


  • Aggressive health management strategies were sharply reducing the frequency of high claimants.


  • The incumbent stop loss carrier, a national direct writer, gave only a slight credit on the renewal and sought an 18% increase to approximately $2.7 million in annual premium.



  • Obtained market preferential proposals from two national managing general underwriters with ‘A’ rated carriers who provided more underwriting credit to the evolving experience.


  • The selected underwriter provided a proposal at $1.7 million or a reduction of approximately $1 million or 27% below the current rates. Successive renewal increases over the next two years were about 8% each.


  • Supported a further objective to institute a multi-divisional “catastrophic claimant risk pool” for individuals in excess of $50,000 and below the stop loss deductible of $350,000; calculation and reporting is performed by Aegis Risk.

We need stop loss independent from our claim payor(s).

A domestic subsidiary of a Global Fortune 500 energy company with approximately 3,000 covered employees.


  • A new plan option created a multi-administrator environment. The incumbent PPO managed the stop loss. Independent coverage was sought with no ties to ASO decisions and changes.


  • A 15% renewal rate increase - moderate in many circumstances.


  • Pharmacy expense was an increasing but uncovered component of catastrophic claims.




  • Obtained market preferential proposals from four leading, 'A' rated independent carriers. The selected carrier required no rate increase.


  • Negotiated additional contract enhancements including pharmacy coverage and comprehensive run-in claim protection.


  • Final premium savings and contract enhancements increased coverage value by approximately 27%.

Other Testimonials

"Thank you for listening to the advice to establish the coverage. Great job!"

Chief Executive Officer via email to VP, Benefits & Compensation and Manager, Health Plans - after evading a multi-million dollar claimant in initial year of stop loss coverage


Diversified Manufacturer

7,200 employees


"We always learn something new and appreciate your detailed analysis."

Director of Health Plans


Diversified manufacturer

8,000 employees



"Thanks for the very good work. Please ink this deal."

Director of Benefits, North America


Automotive Supplier

8,500 employees



"We have really enjoyed working with you on this first prospect. The level of professionalism, competence and work ethic has been outstanding."

Regional Benefits Broker


Average client/prospect of 2,000 employees and under


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